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Need a Free Toilet? There’s a Website for That

It’s an all-too-common story. You’re on the go in a strange city – either on a business trip or vacation – when nature calls out of the blue. Because you don’t know the neighborhood, you have no idea which business establishments allow passersby use of their bathroom facilities. Wee Wee Free LogoYou might even get stuck having to buy a coffee or some other beverage or snack. Sure, it’s the definition of a first world problem, but nobody wants to buy a $4 coffee drink just to use the bathroom.
CBS New York recently called attention to two brave individuals who decided to do something about the hassle of finding a free bathroom on the go. Stefan George and Nadia Stoffell created WeeWeeFree.com, where participating businesses can list themselves as free bathroom locations. The website is currently focused on New York City, but the creators say they’re expecting to branch out.
“I’m not going to urinate on the side of the road,” said a woman speaking to CBS, praising the innovative website.
Evidentially, WeeWeeFree first came about when a then-unemployed George stumbled across a news article that told the story of a two-year-old who was fined $50 for public urination.
“I was like, you know what? New York City is even worse [for finding restrooms]” George told DNA Info in an interview.
George simply couldn’t let injustices like this continue and devoted his days to making sure people can find free bathrooms whenever needed. CBS notes that several other toilet location websites exist, but WeeWeeFree claims to be the best amongst them if you’re looking for a place to “go” in real time. The site also provides directions to free toilets, which should make it especially useful for tourists and those wandering in unfamiliar parts of town.
“Guests need to know where it’s easy to have a release,” a man on the street told CBS.
While some businesses may hesitate to alert the public-at-large to their free bathrooms, George explained to DNA Info that establishments—even local plumbing companies—could benefit from free bathrooms. “It might be a win-win” he told the news source. “The thing is, you can attract users, attract customers. Maybe one of 20 of them come back in the evening. It’s probably worth it.”

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