Garbage Disposal

How to Rid Your Home of Garbage Disposal Odor

Is it possible to eliminate garbage disposal odor forever? It is disheartening to clean your entire kitchen and still encounter a disagreeable smell coming from the general direction of your sink, Garbage Disposalthough you regulate how you use your disposal and ensure it is cleaned weekly. But take heart — you can regain a fresh-smelling kitchen.

Watch What You Dispose

Never put anything into your garbage disposal without first running water through it. Always remove all substances that will not break down easily into tiny pieces. Here is a short list of foods to avoid:

  • Fibrous vegetables like celery
  • Starchy vegetables like potatoes
  • Cooking grease or oil
  • Pasta and rice — both expand in water

In addition, never dump coffee grinds into the disposal, even though some sources state the coarseness may assist in cleaning. As the grinds make their way through the plumbing, they can clump and produce a clog. Eggshells are another waste product to recycle or toss in the trash. The shell itself will break down, but the interior transparent film may become entangled in the disposal’s mechanism.

Bad odors begin when congealed food particles and grease build up in the upper portion of the machine. By steering clear of putting the previously mentioned foods in the disposal, it is more likely your machine will completely rid itself of all debris, leaving no clinging refuse behind. Do not turn off the garbage disposal until grinding has ceased, ensuring all waste has been successfully expelled.

Clean Regularly

Much like a refrigerator and dishwasher require upkeep to maintain a pleasant odor, your garbage disposal is no different. On a weekly basis, feed ice cubes into it and run cold water before and after. For an extra cleaning measure, pour in baking soda and let it soak for an hour before running the ice cubes through. You can also sprinkle kosher salt into the disposal along with the ice cubes. The combination of crumbled ice and coarse salt will help chip away built-up residue on the metal parts. Also try cutting up a lemon or orange into tiny pieces and feeding them into the disposal. The citrus will freshen the machine. Pour vinegar in as well, or simply clean with ice cubes made of vinegar.

Purchase a Drain-Cleaning Product

For stubborn, lingering odors, consider cleaning with a stronger product. Do not use typical drain-cleaning chemicals, as substances such as bleach may cause early corrosion and speed up wear and tear. Select a natural cleaner consisting of non-abrasive materials.

Safety is of the utmost importance when cleaning. Never put your hand into the drain. Only use metal tools when the disposal is disconnected from the electricity source. Call Captain Plumbing today for instructions about the proper use, consistent cleaning and healthy upkeep of your particular model of garbage disposal so it will be odor- and problem-free.

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