Water Pressure

How to Increase Your Water Pressure

You might not think you use much water, but let’s make an assessment. Do you brush your teeth? Do you take showers? Do you clean your dishware? Do you wash your hands? You need water to function on a daily basis. What happens when your water pressure suddenly Water Pressuredecreases? You still have the water you need, but a slow trickle can double the amount of time you spend on personal hygiene and household tasks. Just as water is essential to life, water pressure is essential to your lifestyle. How can you increase water pressure in your home?

Clean Out Your Faucets

Before you take drastic measures, locate which faucets in your home have decreased water pressure. If the low water pressure is confined to only a few locations, you could easily fix the problem yourself. Every faucet has an aerator, which can be accessed by unscrewing the mouth of the faucet. An aerator accomplishes two things: it adds air to the flow of water to create an even stream and it filters unwanted particles from the water before use. Simply twist off the aerator and check the filter for build-up. After cleaning out the filter, you should see an increase in water pressure.

Talk to Your City or Town

If the drop in pressure happened suddenly, place a call to your city or town’s water department. They can come to your home and inspect your pipes. They will compare your water pressure with other homes in the area to see if your reading is drastically different. They might be able to help you locate a leak and find out if that is the source of the problem.

Consider Replacing Piping

Leak or not, you’ll notice a decrease in pressure over time when your home’s pipes are rusted, corroded or just plain old. Certain sections of piping might be more worn than others. Galvanized steel pipes break down much more quickly than others. A qualified plumber can clean out your pipes and identify which sections of pipe might need to be replaced. If you invest in pipes made of copper or plastic, you will not only cure your water pressure issue, your water will also be free of any rust particles that were flowing through the outdated pipes.

Install a Water Pressure Booster

You did your research and tried to solve your flimsy shower flow, but nothing has worked. If the shower head, faucet mouths and pipes aren’t the cause of your problem, you can install a booster pump to your current system. You will notice a difference immediately in every faucet. However, there is a tradeoff. Water pressure booster pumps can cost between $300 to upwards of $800 or more. Additionally, you will have to pay for the electricity to keep it running. Make sure you depend on a highly skilled plumbing company like Captain Plumbing to install a water pressure booster so that the pressure readings are set correctly. Water pressure set too high can damage your plumbing fixtures.

Try following this advice to turn your feeble shower flow into a robust stream, and remember to call Captain Plumbing for immediate assistance for all of your plumbing needs.

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