Commercial Plumbing

When Do You Need Commercial Plumbing Repair?

When should you call for commercial plumbing repair and what can you repair the problem on your own? Here are a number of scenarios in which an experienced commercial plumber can Commercial Plumbingbe invaluable to keeping your business operating and your customers satisfied.

Broken Water Heater

If you notice water temperatures dropping, your water heater may have expired. A broken water heater can leak and cause flooding, exacerbating the initial issue. Do not attempt to repair the water heater on your own. Specific regulations regarding water heater replacement exist for a reason – gas water heaters pose serious risks and could even explode, causing extreme damage and injury.

However, you can take a few troubleshooting measures so you are able to report the issue to your commercial plumber. Check to see if the pilot light is on. If not, it could indicate the need for a new thermocouple or an entire water heater replacement. If the main problem is the water temperature, adjust the settings to see if the thermostat itself is defective – a common issue a commercial plumber can repair.

Sewage Overflow

A sewage overflow may be a business owner’s worst nightmare. To counter the devastating effects, you need to call in professional help right away. Even in cases of a toilet overflow minus human waste, bacteria from the system can contaminate every surface it touches. This poses a serious health and safety risk to your patrons. Once the harmful waste is removed, a commercial plumber can quickly identify the original cause of the overflow.

While you cannot personally remedy a sewage backup without the proper equipment and training, you can stay aware of the warning signs to protect your commercial property. If you notice frequent toilet clogs and gurgling noises in sinks and drains, it’s time to get an in-depth inspection of your sewer system.

Faucet or Toilet Leaks

With a commercial property to run, you may not always notice a running toilet or dripping faucet. Professional plumbers are able to test toilets and plumbing lines for silent water leaks. Attempting to repair leaks on your own could quickly escalate into a time-consuming, expensive job if you do not have proper training.

Here’s what you can do: always keep a watchful eye on your water bill. You want your business to make a profit, and that will not happen when needless funds are spent on operating costs. If your water bill spikes, call a commercial plumber to test your plumbing.

Clogged Drain or Grease Trap

Businesses with working kitchens depend heavily on functioning drains. If proper waste disposal procedures are not followed with grease or oil-based substances, a drain blockage may upend the kitchen’s operation.

It is vital to have drains and grease traps powerfully cleaned at least once per year, and pipe jetting is an effective solution. Commercial plumbers use high-powered streams of water to unblock buildup and increase water flow.

Most importantly, developing a regular plumbing maintenance schedule for your commercial property is the ideal method of identifying and preventing potential issues before they arise. Contact Captain Plumbing for all your professional commercial plumbing repair needs.

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