Water Softeners

Is your water too hard? Too soft? Just right? There’s nothing wrong with being the Goldilocks of water_faucetplumbing. In fact, making sure your water is just the right amount of soft can extend the life of everything it touches. Life in the desert can be trying, especially in old mining regions where history, dry air and sand can stir up trouble. If you notice cloudy stains after running the dishwasher, don’t make that angry call to the manufacturer just yet or pay a premium for better detergent. It’s not the dishwasher and it’s not the detergent—it’s your water.

Water in Utah’s high desert is hard. It’s brimming with minerals and even though it’s perfectly safe to drink, it’s not as kind to faucets, pipes, hot water heaters and the items you clean. Minerals are even a good thing in the right dosage for humans, but your dishes, sinks, pipes and bathtubs need something a little gentler. Something a little softer. By having a high quality water softener installed, you can get the right kind of water for your home or commercial space.

Worried about the added salt? Don’t be. That’s old school tactics for softening water. The Captain has the latest technology on deck.

Such a Softie

The best way to soften your water is going to depend on how hard it currently is, the region where you live and your current plumbing situation. But don’t worry—a simple call to Captain Plumbing can get you on the right track. With upfront pricing and a knack for offering the best solutions at the most competitive prices, we understand how important water softness is. As an added bonus, many people think softened water tastes better and even brews better coffee or tea and it definitely helps soap to create more lather or bubbles.

While you may suspect hard water due to cloudy water or stains on clothes or dishes, Captain Plumbing can test your water and find out just how hard it is. Testing gives expert plumbers a starting point. With advanced technology, in just a few hours you can be enjoying higher quality water that’s not just soft itself, but also soft on your property and fixtures.

Soft Water Gets Better Results

There are ion-exchange resin devices, lime softening, chelating agents and distillation options for softening your water. Don’t settle for a cheap softener. For the best performance, a high quality water softener is worth the investment. If you don’t take action, the calcium ions in hard water (one of the most common minerals) get in the way of the soap’s job. It also causes limescale, which isn’t just ugly but tears away at plumbing while encouraging corrosion. Eventually, this can lead to sewer system trouble.

Stop being so hard on yourself—especially in the shower or when doing dishes. Soften up and you’ll immediately see (and feel, and taste) the difference.