Toilet Plunger Invention

South Korean Inventor Tries to Top the Plunger

When you’re unlucky enough to find a clogged toilet in your home, your best options are reaching for a plunger, or calling an expert plumber to resolve the issue. But multiple sources report that in the not-too-distant future, a plastic sheet could be the solution for clogged pipes

Toilet Plunger Invention

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in the john.

As demonstrated in a YouTube video that’s already racked up more than 3 million views, South Korean Seung-il Kim applied the same science that made the plunger a household staple for unclogging pipes to a new product. It’s either called the “Pungtu” or “Pung-too,” depending on which source you believe, but we’re fairly certain the pronunciation is the same with either spelling.

The process is fairly simple – the Pungtu sticks to the rim of a clogged toilet bowl. After a flush, the device captures the resulting air pressure, and the user pushes down on the Pungtu. This action is repeated until the pipes once again flow freely.

Some people find using a plunger distasteful, and Kim had those cleanliness-minded folks in mind when he imagined the Pungtu.

“I wondered if there was a better way,” Kim said to ABC News. “It’s the same principle as a plunger – using pressure – but it creates a lot more pressure than a plunger.”

Kim told the source that he invested four years of time and thought into perfecting his brainchild. Apparently, finding a type of glue that could withstand the air pressure while remaining stuck to porcelain took about two years of research. Three Pungtu sheets costs the equivalent of $24, and the inventor said international companies have expressed interest in distributing his creation.

But according to NPR, the Pungtu might have its drawbacks. A pair of Canadian vloggers residing in South Korea told the source that the adhesive failed during one of their attempts to test the product. Furthermore, as far as they know, the contraption has yet to become available at any South Korean retailers. So it could be quite a while before we see the Pungtu in the U.S., presuming it ever makes it across the Pacific at all.

Should disaster strike in your bathroom, for the time being, you’re stuck with the potentially messy but usually effective plunger. Failing that, you’ll have to call a plumber and Captain Plumbing is the perfect choice.


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