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Small Town In Need of an Expert Plumber

Without plumbers to attend to matters of drain cleaning, water main breads, and resolving all of our other plumbing-related issues, wouldn’t the world be a rougher place? NPR reports that Jackman, Maine – population 800 – came uncomfortably close to experiencing just such a Expert Plumbernightmare when its longtime town plumber hung up his tool box. For their plumbing needs, citizens of Jackman have had to rely on those working out of the closest adjacent town, which is about 50 miles away.

As a result, Larry and Sheryl Harth – who NPR notes have operated a scholarship fund for high school students since the late ‘90s – have introduced the 2015 Inza and Harry Hughey Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship is named after Sheryl Harth’s grandparents, and will contribute $2000 to a student with the smarts and the desire to become Jackman’s new local plumber. Applicants must live in Moose River Valley County and be a student or graduate of Forest Hill High School. The deadline to apply is in March of 2015.

Though a certified electrician lives in the community, and several citizens have a basic understanding of plumbing, none of them are certified to carry out professional plumbing practices. The Harths hope to change that.

“With that, then we have somebody who is established, who knows the town, has a love for the Great [North] Woods,” Larry Harth told the news source. “And we’re hoping that this will entice them with the scholarship moneys.”

The Harths were inspired to form their plumbing scholarship two years ago when finishing construction on their home and they had to hire a plumber who lived too far away for anyone’s practicality.

“Those plumbers [in far-off towns with higher populations] have established businesses that keep them busy,” Sheryl Harth told the source. “It’s understandable that they’d prefer not to make the two-hour round trip to work here for a few hours.”

But with this year’s graduating class at Forest Hill High School consisting only of 12 students, the community doesn’t exactly have the deepest pool of talent for potential new plumbers. However, the high school’s principal told NPR that one avid snowmobiler and certified plumber is in talks to move to Jackman and assume plumbing duties, just in case there aren’t any takers for the scholarship.

We should all be grateful that, rather than having to establish a scholarship fund, we need only contact a local plumber like Captain Plumbing to take care of our plumbing needs.

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