Pipe Jetting

Are you battling at sea with your pipes and drains? Most homeowners and commercial typhoon_mainproperty owners have faced a clog or two in their lifetime—it’s usually nothing a plunger can’t fix. However, if you have chronic, recurring clogs, that’s an issue. With pipe jetting services from Captain Plumbing, the power blast will instantly work through even the toughest blocks using heavy duty water pressure that’s safe for the pipes and drains, but wreaks havoc on clogs.

Even better, pipe jetting is a completely chemical-free approach. Through intense pressure alone, you can rest easy knowing that every last gummy, sticky bit of blockage is removed. At Captain Plumbing, we know that your pipes don’t work office hours. That’s why we offer 24 hour support even on weekends and holidays. Anywhere in the Salt Lake valley, we’re at your beck and call because we have what it takes to fix those clog-prone pipes for good.

No More Snake in the Toilet

Sometimes, challenging clogs that aren’t fixable with a bucket of water or plunger can be addressed with snaking. Captain Plumbing technicians are pros with snakes. However, even the best snakers can inadvertently damage pipes—especially if they’re made of certain materials such as copper. Regular clogs can mean your pipes are putting up with a lot of wear and tear. Even though you might not see the scratches, it can eventually wear down the pipe and drain interiors leading to plumbing repairs and replacement sooner rather than later.

Pipe jetting is a safer, faster and (let’s be honest) less disgusting method of removing blocks and clogs. It’s a sure thing for even the most stubborn of situations, and ensures your fixtures won’t have to work as hard. You depend on your toilet, shower and sinks for a lot of things. They certainly earn their keep. However, when you’re demanding that they flush and drain when they’re not at 100 percent, that’s like asking someone with super clogged arteries to finish off super sized meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner—then run a marathon.

Your pipes can only put up with so much before they need some TLC.

Who’s a Good Candidate?

There’s no “right time” for pipe jetting. You know your home or business best. If you suspect a serious clog or the draining just isn’t happening as quickly as you like, give pipe jetting a try. That buildup can happen slowly over time, and you may not even realize what fast draining should look like. With pipe jetting from the Captain, you can optimize your plumbing and have everyone sitting pretty (especially on that porcelain throne).