Drain Cleaning

Toys and TP and goldfish—oh, my! Expert plumbers are no longer surprised with what they find when cleaning drains, but property owners often are. There’s no telling what guests, kids and spouses might try to flush. Or maybe it was you that thought that super soft and fluffy toilet paper would surely go down. And if you manage or own a commercial space? Your customers and employees might have a penchant for dirtying and clogging up drains like it’s their second job.

Savvy property owners schedule regular drain cleaning to prevent emergency situations. However, Captain Plumbing is on call around the clock whether it’s an urgent clog situation or you simply want to schedule routine cleaning.

Drain Cleaning: All Shapes and Sizes

“Small drains” are often found in floor drains, connected to bathroom or kitchen sinks, with laundry lines or as part of your toilet or shower setup. Main drain lines are larger, around three or four inches in diameter. For commercial lines, you might need to schedule a cleaning for the main line, grease trap or bathrooms on a regular basis. Depending on the type of drain and size, the Captain has a treasure chest of tools and tricks.

Hydro Jetting is one of the most popular options we have for cleaning drains. It’s a high pressure stream of water that clears just about everything in its way. No soap scum, grime buildup or hairball is a match for hydro jetting. However, for property owners who have chronic clogs—or are just curious—a Camera Special can be added to the plumbing package. With the camera, you get 200 feet of video footage captured on DVD. It can help you pinpoint bigger issues and it’s the perfect entertainment option for Halloween season.

What a Drain

With Captain Plumbing, expert technicians tackle any drain cleaning issue you’re having. Root treatments might be in order if you have pipes near tree or shrub root growth. Those trees might look gorgeous in the yard, but they can wreak havoc underground. However, with Root X you can kill off roots that bother drains while ensuring plants and vegetation remain healthy and intact.

There are many reasons your drains might be in need of a good cleaning. Older pipes or those made of certain materials are more prone to clogging. Maybe you have a culprit in your home or business that just doesn’t learn the reasonable amount of TP to flush. No matter the reason, the Captain Plumbing of Sandy, Utah can save you any time of day or night.