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You wouldn’t use the same stove in your house for your blossoming restaurant business would you? How about your cute little fridge to store the chilled necessities for your brand new bar and lounge? It just doesn’t make sense—so why would you opt for the same type of water heater for a commercial space as you have at your home? Commercial and industrial properties need larger units because, of course, you’re going to need more hot water at a faster rate. Whether you own a hotel, restaurant or other water-heavy business in Salt Lake City, let Captain Plumbing make this part of entrepreneurship easy sailing.

The best boiler systems provide constant heat and hot water for large buildings and/or heavy use. They’re a hybrid system, and they have what it takes to keep your customers happy—at least when it comes to hot water needs. You’ll still be in charge of that staple service with a smile, top notch products or services and marketing campaigns.

We’ll take care of keeping things hot—you take care of the rest.

All Part of the Plan

You know you need a hybrid commercial water heater, but which one is the best? There’s no one size fits all (literally) answer. Every business has different needs, hot water demands and flows that dictate size and energy efficiency requirements. However, Captain Plumbing has been around the breakers enough times to help you narrow down the list. Three manufacturers top the charts, and there’s going to be one that’s the ultimate match for your business.

First, consider Lochinvar. Based in Tennessee, the company’s heritage goes back to 1939 when the Walter Vallett Company was founded. A part of the AO Smith Corporation (an industry leader in water heaters), Lochinvar is in the niche arena of commercial and industrial water heating solutions. Named the “leading producer of energy-efficient water heaters and boilers,” the company is all about customer service. With unmatched performance and quality, it’s smart business choosing Lochinvar.

Branching Out

Crown Boiler is a Pennsylvania company founded in 1949 as Crown Industries. By the 1970s, the company had expanded quickly and became famous for the innovative residential cast iron boiler line. Twenty years later, Crown had grown to achieve national acclaim, “supplying high quality yet competitive priced” boilers via wholesale. However, there were a few growing pangs for Crown. Even as an industry leader, their philosophy today is to “provide the finest in customer service, the highest quality products and the shortest lead times.”

Rounding out Captain Plumbing’s recommendations is Slant/Fin. A family-owned company specializing in commercial boilers, this is one of the country’s biggest manufacturers of boilers. Founded in 1949, everyone from builders to engineering experts go to Slant/Fin for premier products. You’ll find their products in millions of businesses around the world. Even though the operation began in a bakery shop’s back room in Coney Island (where 10-foot elements had to be made in 50 percent chunks due to space constraints), they’re a testament to how the best will flourish.

These are the true captains of industry—recommended by Captain Plumbing himself.