Commercial Plumbing

Maintaining you’re the plumbing in your commercial space is basically the same as maintaining a residential space—but on steroids. Commercial spaces aren’t just bigger and have more of everything, they also stand up against a lot more wear and tear. Your family might all have the same goals of preserving pipes and plumbing, treating appliances well and basically ensuring the home is cared for. However, your employees, customers, clients and random people who wander into a commercial space simply don’t care as much. But you should. If someone gets hurt on your commercial property (such as slipping and falling from a leaky pipe), they could shut down your entire business.

At Captain Plumbing, we do everything from new buildings to renovations to improvements. Restaurants, hospitality industries such as hotels, medical office and office buildings are all part of our repertoire. We also specialize in multi-family units such as apartment buildings and townhomes. From installation to repairs and maintenance, we sail full-circle to do it all.

Commercial Plumbing: We’re both in the “Business” of Taking Care of Business

There are many reasons you need a commercial plumber on call. Maybe you want to stay on top of backflow prevention. Perhaps you’re in the market for a new or replacement water heater or commercial boiler—there’s a lot more to consider for commercial spaces compared to residential. Only an expert plumber can predict the right size and type of boiler or water heater you’ll need. Too small and you’re asking for trouble. Too big and it’s a waste of space and money.

Maybe you’re interested in adding toilet sensor valves to your commercial space. Try as you might, you never know who’s going to be using public bathrooms. You want to make sure toilets are flushed after every use, otherwise your reputation is going down the drain while the toilet contents stay put. It’s not your fault if customers don’t practice basic bathroom courtesy, but it can seem that way.

We Love Dirty Work: Commercial Plumbing

“Dirty work” in the office might be considered making copies, licking envelopes or getting coffee—but the Captain knows what real dirty work is. We’ll take care of it. Fixture repair and installation should always be complete by a licensed, professional plumber when working with commercial spaces. Installing sewage ejection systems or fixing sump pumps is our cup of tea. Sewer line repair, main line repair or private fire hydrant repair? That’s as common as Casual Friday for us.

Owning or managing a commercial space is a big deal. Captain Plumbing can make it just a little easier. Don’t wait until it’s too late—start building a relationship with the Captain today. We’re happy to be part of the B2B community in Utah, and treat our business clients with the kind of customer service you dish up yourself.