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A Reminder: Too Much Grease Mandates Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning in Utah could become necessary after harmful substances get poured down a sink or flushed down the toilet. But businesses and homeowners in the Beehive State should thank their lucky stars that they don’t live in Missouri. According to the Cape Girardeau news Sink Drainstation KFVS, residents of that area collectively spend tens of thousands of dollars every year so qualified plumbers can resolve clogging issues caused by grease and other drainage no-nos.

After cooking a delicious meal made with vegetable oil or animal fat, many people presume there’s no harm in pouring the leftover grease down the sink, especially if they own a garbage disposal. It’s intuitive to do away with liquids that way so you can’t blame them for being unaware of the damage it could cause. But problems arise when grease cools and returns to its solid form.. Greese builds up over time catching foot particles, hair and other debris. Sooner rather than later, grease can force a clogged sink’s owner to call in the professionals.

“I’d say this is considered our number one problem,” a Missouri plumber told the news source. “I see this problem every day.”

Other experts elaborated that grease is but one of a handful of culprits of preventable drain clogs that are costing the Show Me State big bucks. Wipes – be they for babies or cleaning – find their way into toilets all too often. The consequences of the inevitable clogs are always unpleasant for plumbers to undo.

“We’re up to two times a month, having to pull the pump and remove large masses of rags,” adds Todd Fulton, Cape Girardeau’s wastewater treatment coordinator, according to KFVS. “The fats, oils and grease and the rags combine together as an unstoppable mass.”

In reality, non-biodegradable items shouldn’t be flushed but there’s more. Too much toilet paper can cause toilet problems just as easily as wipes. As for sinks, the source also points to ice cream, spoiled milk and salad dressing as liquids that are best left out of a drain. Spoiled soy milk congeals just like its dairy counterpart, so it can cause just as much of a blockage.

The online information source I Dream Of Clean offers a few other common waste products that homeowners should keep away from their sinks – garage disposal or not. These include onion rings, egg shells, coffee grounds and unless they’re in small quantities, potato skins.

For grease and the other foods or products mentioned, the trashcan is always the best receptacle.

If a clog happens to have rendered your sink or toilet useless, give Captain Plumbing a call. Their drain cleaning expertise is practically unmatched and they can resolve your drainage issues quickly and affordably.

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